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The Key \u0026 Peele channel is the place to watch comedy sketches from Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, whose Comedy Central show took on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as far-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, Mr. Garvey the substitute teacher, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

  1. cody montuno

    cody montuno2 hours ago

    its a funniest shit things lol

  2. Zin

    Zin2 hours ago

    key is the real picture of how I am gonna survive the apocalypes. except I am gonna steal some food from the supermarket,keep them so I can eat them to pass my days until I meet someone. I dont wanna meet someone like peele of course.

  3. scbluesman13

    scbluesman132 hours ago

    So that's what foibles means...

  4. Maa Media

    Maa Media2 hours ago

    I love this!

  5. shankh

    shankh2 hours ago

    Dwight will be very angry, Mose out here getting high and shit

  6. Crooks

    Crooks2 hours ago

    I be hearing that “OH YEEEEAAH!??” at random times in my head 😂

  7. LanguiYang Kamei

    LanguiYang Kamei2 hours ago

    The costumes are insane 🤣😂🤣

  8. Zin

    Zin2 hours ago

    we look people ,experience things,feel them, based on what they show us outside. and these guys here show us what is actually happening inside.

  9. Suz G

    Suz G2 hours ago

    My biggest issue is how this dude shakes and eats candy.

  10. Sheridan Rose

    Sheridan Rose2 hours ago

    Damn! I hate when that happens! I was married to someone that’s Borderline Personality for 32 years and she acted not quite that bad. But always a challenge for what she wanted or meant. I was the boyfriend. 😂

  11. Zin

    Zin3 hours ago

    every reality show on earth ever.

  12. archont

    archont3 hours ago

    I do like the idea of "Just say the N word so I can get my free gibs"

  13. Red Scorpian

    Red Scorpian3 hours ago

    why do you keep reuploading old stuff...?

  14. Amrel Archer

    Amrel Archer3 hours ago

    Omni Man and Invincible’s conversation be like:

  15. Giulio Bowie

    Giulio Bowie3 hours ago

    I prefer Georgina

  16. Baked Sage

    Baked Sage3 hours ago

    In the eye of the beholder

  17. Eparaima Maniapoto

    Eparaima Maniapoto3 hours ago

    What's the name of the song? This song goes off every time I hear it.

  18. Darrel's Vids

    Darrel's Vids3 hours ago

    My grandma remembers Chet and Marvin of It's Happenin'. She loves this band.

  19. Steven Gonzalez

    Steven Gonzalez4 hours ago

    Pretty easy to ignore him

  20. Xolani Molefe

    Xolani Molefe4 hours ago

    It's a simple request

  21. Daniel Josol

    Daniel Josol4 hours ago

    The difference between a cult and religion is the amount of land that is owned lmao

  22. b3rk

    b3rk4 hours ago

    That guy is from chamillionaire ridin dirty police officer

  23. Komrade BigTex sucks

    Komrade BigTex sucks4 hours ago

    Jimenez eats taco bell 3 meals a day and never takes a shit on the job

  24. Average Awesome

    Average Awesome4 hours ago

    Hey man Rafiki was no goddamn baboon. I think his species is called a mandrill

  25. Geoffrey Lyons

    Geoffrey Lyons4 hours ago

    I respect the skill of athlete's, but a world like this would be amazing for education and outcomes.

  26. statics

    statics4 hours ago

    the pain this man had to go through for a skit

  27. naming atang

    naming atang4 hours ago


  28. Antonio Contreras

    Antonio Contreras4 hours ago

    What’s the name of the song ?

  29. Pushkaraj Dongre

    Pushkaraj Dongre4 hours ago

    What about brown people?

  30. Levi Ulysses

    Levi Ulysses4 hours ago

    Did the man playing Ruben really die though?

  31. Lennert Van Dyck

    Lennert Van Dyck4 hours ago

    They went to Macedonialds

  32. William Molock

    William Molock4 hours ago


  33. Andres Pereyda

    Andres Pereyda5 hours ago


  34. V M

    V M5 hours ago

    That's just schizophrenia 😅🤣🤣

  35. Airwrecka H.

    Airwrecka H.5 hours ago

    Notice how he doesn’t sit… obviously because “sitting is for culeros”

  36. Gaming Animations

    Gaming Animations5 hours ago

    Pls explain I don't relly get jt

  37. sharadowasdr

    sharadowasdr5 hours ago

    Reminds me of Gina's dance from Brooklyn 99 after she recovered from the bus accident. Imagine Gina and this guy having a dance off xD

  38. Hashtag Boi

    Hashtag Boi5 hours ago

    Ahh yes. Back Magic 🪄

  39. Lisa,dalawa, tatlo

    Lisa,dalawa, tatlo5 hours ago

    If I had a friend like that, it will be fine to me. #Nomorediscriminationagainststeampunks

  40. Six-Man Films

    Six-Man Films5 hours ago

    Marx Brothers ripoff

  41. tapanish

    tapanish5 hours ago

    Prisoner should ask for his uniform...

  42. Blake X

    Blake X5 hours ago

    So they put in subtitle now

  43. J M

    J M5 hours ago

    “Why the hell you dressed like this?” from the guy wearing knee high tube socks with adidas sandals 🤣🤣🤣


    BLACK ARCS5 hours ago

    Is there a relation with K&P and the good doctor cast? Cuz so far I've seen two actors from K&P sketch

  45. Dontay Brownv

    Dontay Brownv5 hours ago


  46. Marcus Tiberious

    Marcus Tiberious5 hours ago

    Chinese People are in the lead at present

  47. Brando Calrissian

    Brando Calrissian6 hours ago

    When mom comes home and sees you doing weird shit

  48. Kavi Kinny 07

    Kavi Kinny 076 hours ago

    Judge jessie was what inspired Jhonny sins 😂

  49. monke

    monke6 hours ago

    for some reason this skit comes back to me the most even though i dont relate to it at all

  50. Hutabarat Gayustri

    Hutabarat Gayustri6 hours ago

    Me and my dad. :(

  51. Eduardo Garcia

    Eduardo Garcia6 hours ago

    Bro if i was with a chick and broke up with her i wouldnt give no shits id dump her ass there on the spot


    CROWN SUGE6 hours ago

    This is facts! We can communicate non-verbally with each other.

  53. charlie magne chan

    charlie magne chan6 hours ago

    I just saw this from a resident evil village meme

  54. keegkrino

    keegkrino6 hours ago


  55. Timmy Boy

    Timmy Boy6 hours ago

    Who realized It’s Keegan’s character that ran into the wrong person?

  56. Brando Calrissian

    Brando Calrissian6 hours ago

    Universal backlot 100

  57. shubham das

    shubham das6 hours ago

    Mahina sounds similar to Mahindra. Mr Anand Mahindra. CEO of Tech Mahindra.

  58. osfallatah

    osfallatah6 hours ago

    it's funny that those people deafeated both the soviet russian army AND the us army, world's strongest millitaries in the world couldn't these people.

  59. Nathan John

    Nathan John6 hours ago

    We’re going to war

  60. ItzDorLou Playz

    ItzDorLou Playz6 hours ago

    goo goo gaa gaa i want i want milk

  61. Shaiky Mandel

    Shaiky Mandel6 hours ago

    Kids, don’t do crack.

  62. Adhitya B

    Adhitya B6 hours ago

    They had us in the first half- They had us in the second half- sigh

  63. Joe Meyer

    Joe Meyer6 hours ago

    too real

  64. noah razzone

    noah razzone6 hours ago

    glad they brought this back

  65. Kimball Stone

    Kimball Stone6 hours ago

    This shit is so hilarious, but also catchy, so kind of problematic to have stuck in your head for days and days. XD


    SOVEREIGN ANOMALY6 hours ago

    If you guys look closely at the gun, you can see the trigger and area around the trigger is the actual gun so all they did was just wrap licorice around a real gun hahahahaha so hey, at least one thing he had was technically real hahahahaha

  67. V M

    V M6 hours ago

    That pretty much sums up Los Angeles 😅🤣🤣

  68. Praise Be

    Praise Be6 hours ago

    I love how he turns into DMX

  69. Grit Sripaurya

    Grit Sripaurya7 hours ago

    what's the name of the song

  70. Komrade BigTex sucks

    Komrade BigTex sucks7 hours ago

    holy shit a sketch I havent seen

  71. Hasan Rovi

    Hasan Rovi7 hours ago

    Yooooo 💀💀💀

  72. lukman farid

    lukman farid7 hours ago

    who's the girl?

  73. Jonah Siataga-Haugh

    Jonah Siataga-Haugh7 hours ago

    2:37 "can yall give me a second? *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*"

  74. Michael Waters

    Michael Waters7 hours ago

    Thats exactly what i've allways thought of sports casters.

  75. Meaghan Johnson

    Meaghan Johnson7 hours ago

    Love these guys 😂😂

  76. TetrisTech

    TetrisTech7 hours ago

    *y o u t h f u l c o m m e r c e*

  77. Ethan H

    Ethan H7 hours ago

    bruh .

  78. Eden Ramos

    Eden Ramos7 hours ago

    It's Seems like RedFoo and Sky Blu are trap in there own version of the underworld it's seems that Uncle and Nephew are in an endless escape of there own musical torture

  79. Zach

    Zach7 hours ago

    Hey! Wait one gosh darn second.. 🧐... Are they wearing ‘white face’ 🤨

  80. karthikeyan perumal

    karthikeyan perumal7 hours ago

    100 times I watched this video omg just now I noticed Joseph T-Shirt