Prepare for Turbulence - Key & Peele

The situation aboard an airplane gets tense after a passenger tries to use the bathroom while the seat belt light is on. (Contains strong language.)
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Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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  1. Drake 816

    Drake 8168 hours ago

    He's the type of person who'd sue the airline afterward pulling that shit.

  2. Scott Klingensmith

    Scott Klingensmith12 hours ago

    Megen was a guy before. He was a flight attendant.

  3. Nicola Fiorelli

    Nicola Fiorelli16 hours ago

    i want part 2!!!! C'mon there's gotta be a sequel to this

  4. Anonymous Anonymous

    Anonymous AnonymousDay ago

    I love your humour

  5. Mohib Isam

    Mohib Isam2 days ago

    First version of this post was without the sound (toot) when Keegan say I have to shit and i have to piss.. but now they put (toot) sound Instead..

  6. al ways

    al ways3 days ago

    I know it was fun making this bit

  7. Golden Composure

    Golden Composure4 days ago

    😂 no one mentioning the woman between them looking like “what?!”

  8. Marshmallow Mocha

    Marshmallow Mocha5 days ago

    i am 100% convinced mark was controlling the turbulence/seatbelt light

  9. Seek Liberty

    Seek Liberty7 days ago

    No one gonna comment how he sat in middle seat 🤔

  10. Danita Inwek

    Danita Inwek8 days ago

    I have always said these guys’ acting is unmatched

  11. Yan Durano

    Yan Durano9 days ago

    The force

  12. Idk Nova

    Idk Nova9 days ago

    I kinda agreeing with flight attendant on this one

  13. SpaceRock

    SpaceRock9 days ago

    I really want to see a part 2 of this

  14. Cody Cameron

    Cody Cameron10 days ago

    that man mark with a k stole andres haircut

  15. Christian Nilsen

    Christian Nilsen10 days ago


  16. Taylor Daniel

    Taylor Daniel10 days ago

    Plot twist peele is a superhuman with telekinesis and a giant ego

  17. AnUpA aLwIs

    AnUpA aLwIs10 days ago

    Ok now i know how to table a discussion with anyone😂😂😂(Is it against the law though?)

  18. Roderick's Point Of View

    Roderick's Point Of View11 days ago

    That was funny

  19. TheRealRMG

    TheRealRMG12 days ago

    "He is not a man, he is the god of this world. To defy him is to defy with a force greater than nature itself."

  20. faraim13

    faraim1313 days ago

    Funny how this kinda parallels the anti-mask/vaxers during the the pandemic. Point is people are are idiots

  21. golden pony

    golden pony14 days ago

    Defo wouldn't take it kindly to a moron flying into my seat

  22. Leni Haylett

    Leni Haylett14 days ago

    idk why but this is my favourite of their skectches. also peele and key's ability to change characters completely to different people should be recognized and respected. that TAKES TALENT.

  23. Stocks And Books By Bre

    Stocks And Books By Bre15 days ago

    This is hilarious!!!!!!!!!


    BOSUN AFRICANOS15 days ago

    Great acting by the fillers👌.

  25. S O'B

    S O'B15 days ago

    Plot twist: Mark is a mutant, and he was causing the rough turbulence. This is in fact a trailer for the new X-Men movie.


    JAMES HULLEZA16 days ago

    I dont know what an air marshal says about this...

  27. Ace Gaming

    Ace Gaming16 days ago

    Plot twist the atttwndant was controlling the turbulence

  28. Soumil Kumar Piano

    Soumil Kumar Piano16 days ago

    3:08 Laron's laughing again

  29. Việt Cao

    Việt Cao18 days ago

    Remember when he walked out that door, adjusted his tie, then fell down?

  30. General DAWN

    General DAWN19 days ago

    So thats why he wasnt get rescued. he keep the seatbelts on.

  31. Minah Chronicles

    Minah Chronicles21 day ago

    they flying spirit airlines

  32. Master of code 101

    Master of code 10121 day ago

    That lady is just sitting down there watching two guys so tongue tricks...

  33. FreyaBoo

    FreyaBoo21 day ago

    That was too funny

  34. Ufc highlight edits

    Ufc highlight edits21 day ago

    This has to be spirit airline.

  35. Alif Nurfakhri

    Alif Nurfakhri23 days ago

    legally it's illegal you could jeopardize the safety of the flight, and Pilot with crew have full authority over you during your flight. I'm an aviation lawyer and this sketch is very funny

  36. Joseph Eziashi

    Joseph Eziashi24 days ago

    This is how selfish people are. Not against the law, but if anything happens to you while maintaining your (stupid) right, you ruin the trip for everyone else. Just because you had to prove a point.

  37. k.h

    k.h24 days ago

    The whole new level karen but bald

  38. Flame

    Flame25 days ago

    Meegan’s father

  39. Mark Sayos Mejia

    Mark Sayos Mejia25 days ago

    Everybody gangsta until the pilot is playing ace combat 7.

  40. GTSX Gaming

    GTSX Gaming26 days ago

    Yes its against the law

  41. Johann James Zachariah

    Johann James Zachariah26 days ago

    Moral of the story: Going to bathroom isn’t illegal 😂😂😂😂

  42. Kieran Brown

    Kieran Brown27 days ago

    But is it against the law?

  43. aYo Bee

    aYo Bee27 days ago


  44. Quellcrist Falconer

    Quellcrist Falconer27 days ago

    I've seen this at least 5 times and that eye contact makes me hit the floor every time LMAO

  45. Dr. Phil

    Dr. Phil27 days ago

    He’s obviously scared to death. Real turbulence produces a level of fear that untrained flight attendants easily succumb to.

  46. Niki Bronson

    Niki Bronson28 days ago

    Bro this should have tens of millions of you this is honestly one of their best sketches

  47. SeungHyun

    SeungHyun28 days ago

    I like how some skits are linked

  48. Alex Nicole

    Alex Nicole28 days ago

    This never gets old!!!!! I laugh every time !!omg fucking hilarious to the core !!!!!!!!

  49. Soggy Virtuoso

    Soggy Virtuoso28 days ago

    The plane was his stand

  50. Cù Hà An Huy

    Cù Hà An Huy28 days ago

    0:29 giật cả mình

  51. TheFReeFRiesss

    TheFReeFRiesss29 days ago

    I like how the seatbelt sign isn't even on at 4:24 lmao

  52. M S

    M S29 days ago

    He told his hes yelling in his face lol

  53. M S

    M S29 days ago

    Sounds like meegan lol

  54. emanuel shah

    emanuel shah29 days ago

    lol! Who comes up with these?

  55. Quinten McKinney

    Quinten McKinneyMonth ago

    This is like working in retail asking people to put on a mask

  56. Facundo Morales Diorio

    Facundo Morales DiorioMonth ago

    1:24 looks that guy is going to hunt some terries in the future

  57. Something Else

    Something ElseMonth ago

    From the director of Get Out and Us, comes this year’s horror thriller - Flight 6. 6. 6.

  58. Matt gaming

    Matt gamingMonth ago

    The comedy these guys put together. Its priceless.

  59. Miloh S

    Miloh SMonth ago

    3:04 when you go into Russian airspace

  60. Raiz

    RaizMonth ago

    Be honest this is not the first time watching this

  61. UnrealFactsFuckLife

    UnrealFactsFuckLifeMonth ago


  62. eldan wiggins

    eldan wigginsMonth ago

    Loool i belive peele had that turbulant button all along

  63. Paul Jurczak

    Paul JurczakMonth ago


  64. goddlessanarchist

    goddlessanarchistMonth ago

    The first time I saw this skit I was in high school high as fuck at 3am watch Comedy Central and I lost it when the turbulence started. My favorite skit of all time

  65. Flora Stewart

    Flora StewartMonth ago

    I can’t get over his conk

  66. Flora Stewart

    Flora StewartMonth ago

    That expression...

  67. Anime_God567

    Anime_God567Month ago

    3:52 me watching my crush even though ww3 is happening

  68. Plastic Waffle

    Plastic WaffleMonth ago

    Oh man did I want Key to smash back thru the bathroom door as soon as he closed it

  69. Dan L

    Dan LMonth ago

    Man these two Asian boys are hilarious

  70. Kenna Salazar

    Kenna SalazarMonth ago

    I was waiting for the kiss lol I thought it was also in the real skit 🤣

  71. Real HIFI Help

    Real HIFI HelpMonth ago


  72. Vasto

    VastoMonth ago

    White americans be like:

  73. saurabh yadav

    saurabh yadavMonth ago

    never been on a plane .... never will 😓

  74. Meghan Lee

    Meghan LeeMonth ago


  75. Ashish

    AshishMonth ago

    Is it against the law?

  76. boggo

    boggoMonth ago

    How are they filming this stuff in the middle of the pandemic with no masks or anything in a crowded plane set smh, still funny though.

  77. Rich Weigel

    Rich WeigelMonth ago

    Actually this was filmed in 2015. So its all good.

  78. Boom Stick

    Boom StickMonth ago

    I can't believe they had to change the law because of this skit.

  79. Dirga Mcbirink

    Dirga McbirinkMonth ago

    Will there be a payback from him? 😅

  80. Rahul Sharma

    Rahul SharmaMonth ago

    The amount of time for which he didn't blink is actually the highlight 😜

  81. Stan Stan

    Stan StanMonth ago


  82. peepee poopoo

    peepee poopooMonth ago

    twitter argument

  83. Tommy

    TommyMonth ago

    You are hurting my ear drums 🤣💦

  84. Paul N

    Paul NMonth ago

    OMG this is one of the funniest videos they produced by far!!!

  85. XylonV2

    XylonV2Month ago

    This is how codm treat f2p

  86. Jigme Dorjee

    Jigme DorjeeMonth ago

    He sound like the rock

  87. Kaweebo

    KaweeboMonth ago

    The censors really ruin this

  88. Nikolaus Priester

    Nikolaus PriesterMonth ago

    “You’re hurting my ear drums”

  89. Abby

    AbbyMonth ago

    Man: *whispers* Flight attendant: “You are hurting my eardrums” Me: 😂😂😂

  90. Joseph Scott

    Joseph ScottMonth ago

    This old skit is hilarious. The way Peele just stares into his soul with his cheeks bouncing up and down with the turbulence is just 😂.

  91. ly

    lyMonth ago

    keegan flying always gets me 😆

  92. adrian mak

    adrian makMonth ago

    The unaccountable locust naturally stroke because resolution accordingly dust abaft a nonchalant bait. tidy, adventurous imprisonment

  93. Deedle Lee Hussle

    Deedle Lee HussleMonth ago

    mark my turds

  94. Bruhbham 77

    Bruhbham 77Month ago

    Dude has super powers


    BIPASHA PALMonth ago

    This literally happened to me!!!

  96. Nenad G

    Nenad GMonth ago

    4:28 look at the lady on the second chair

  97. touchpuls

    touchpulsMonth ago

    i so love this whispers

  98. Dani Slot

    Dani SlotMonth ago

    I heard the RaC 2 ship sound somewhere on that bitch..

  99. itdsnt mattr

    itdsnt mattrMonth ago

    So intense

  100. CLebs

    CLebsMonth ago

    This NEVER gets old LMAO!

  101. Jason V

    Jason VMonth ago

    This was probably a United Flight. I also expected him to exit the restroom covered head to toe with that blue liquid mixed with dirty toilet paper fragments. 😂

  102. Hespian Yeahboy

    Hespian YeahboyMonth ago

    These guys need to be our POTUS! Debate against Prince Ea if you want.