Bling Benzy & Da Struggle - Key & Peele

Da Struggle and Bling Benzy are very different rappers.
About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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  1. Brando Calrissian

    Brando Calrissian6 hours ago

    Universal backlot 100

  2. noah razzone

    noah razzone7 hours ago

    glad they brought this back

  3. John Rose

    John Rose10 hours ago

    Raps history. Had a logical start. Now its just mumble and other crap.

  4. Sandro Jadon

    Sandro Jadon16 hours ago


  5. That Guy

    That GuyDay ago

    Ludicrous and Justin beiber be like..

  6. Chilled Dino

    Chilled DinoDay ago

    The music is really good man

  7. TetrisTech

    TetrisTech2 days ago

    “tig ol bitties from a bunch of different cities”

  8. Joshua Cooper

    Joshua Cooper2 days ago

    Love this one

  9. Rocket Boy

    Rocket Boy2 days ago


  10. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne2 days ago

    Da struggle sounded legit 😂

  11. Taichang kwan

    Taichang kwan2 days ago

    Celui-là c'est du bon, je l'ai regardé 5 fois, au moins.

  12. Dead Artist 88

    Dead Artist 882 days ago

    I preach out my ass!

  13. Byron Boost

    Byron Boost2 days ago

    Bling Benzi have better lyrics than WAP

  14. Jwan Besande

    Jwan Besande3 days ago

    The Black Eyed Peas have been both.

  15. Jeffrey Gardner

    Jeffrey Gardner3 days ago

    Pause at 0:37

  16. tbirum

    tbirum3 days ago

    If it had been "Kate Upton" as the one getting her chest juggled, I am pretty sure they would have to have done like 50 takes (you know to make sure they got the shot in frame and the lighting was just right) ;)

  17. Rederick Froders

    Rederick Froders3 days ago

    Yeah thats how it happened. Kinda sad.

  18. Deep sea

    Deep sea3 days ago


  19. Samurai

    Samurai4 days ago

    0:01 back in the day. 0:23 nowadays.

  20. oc3

    oc34 days ago


  21. Yas oori

    Yas oori4 days ago


  22. tha Real Mike Zee

    tha Real Mike Zee4 days ago

    Same beat for MC Mom right?

  23. Henny LeBeau

    Henny LeBeau4 days ago


  24. Promit Chakrabarty

    Promit Chakrabarty4 days ago

    " I got tig old bitties from a bunch of diff'rent cities." 🤣🤣🤣

  25. Guy Rebman

    Guy Rebman4 days ago


  26. Q

    Q4 days ago

    I would do anything to bring this show back, they're so funny and relatable to me.

  27. Elvis Chuks

    Elvis Chuks4 days ago

    This is what happens when common features lil pump

  28. OnlyRoke

    OnlyRoke5 days ago

    You know this hits close to home when "I got tig ol' biddies from a buncha different cities" is the one line everyone can remember :D

  29. black neo the one

    black neo the one5 days ago

    Whats funny but not funny is this the state of real hip-hop conscious rap is overtaken by silly ass abc no message music bc they know words are powerful

  30. sauceboy

    sauceboy5 days ago

    Da Struggles part reminds me a lot of Trapped Inside by Shawty Pimp

  31. Dustin connell

    Dustin connell5 days ago

    All I ask for in life is for an album

  32. Daniel White

    Daniel White5 days ago

    late 1990s rapping vs late 2010s rapping

  33. Pugmugjug

    Pugmugjug6 days ago

    Bling Benny is basically 6ix9ine and Da Struggle is literally any one else.

  34. ZapDash

    ZapDash6 days ago

    I like that they take turns being the straight man and the insane one. Keeps you from knowing which direction a skit will go until it happens.

  35. thatssomething1

    thatssomething17 days ago

    In Life I started out as Da Struggle but ended up as Bling Benzy just needin' dem big ol' titties (and caboose) 😉😆


    HOLY CRAB7 days ago

    Is there anything that Key and Peele cannot do

  37. Scott Zarnke

    Scott Zarnke7 days ago

    I would like to know what is on the menu at Tantric Tastings

  38. 7theSage

    7theSage7 days ago

    He just grabbed that baby by the head😭

  39. PwnedSexily

    PwnedSexily7 days ago

    tooo real lol

  40. Jeffrey Waqenaar

    Jeffrey Waqenaar8 days ago

    Kinda like the titties in tummy part though!!!!

  41. Leaf Trimmer

    Leaf Trimmer8 days ago

    Say what you want about Bling Benzy, but, at least he kept the song going and continued his job after Da Struggle left.

  42. Watcher

    Watcher8 days ago

    Pretty much explaining what Rap really used to represent versus the Rappers nowadays just flexing comfort and talking nonsense. . . . Complaining about racism while at the same time spitting on their heritage. Talk about conflicting individuals.

  43. Tshepiso Dibakwane

    Tshepiso Dibakwane8 days ago

    This too lit damn🔥

  44. jamarr jordan

    jamarr jordan8 days ago

    Common Vs. lil Jon 😂 😆

  45. Justin

    Justin8 days ago

    0:28 I can't believe I never realised that he gives golden guns to the same guys pointing them at each other a few seconds earlier.

  46. Jon Groskin

    Jon Groskin8 days ago

    Point well made.

  47. Rae Raw

    Rae Raw8 days ago

    Sadly this is where most rap has gone😔

  48. RJTheCerealGuy

    RJTheCerealGuy9 days ago

    So I’m not a fan of rap but I like things with a message so da struggle was pretty awesome

  49. Chili Nguyen

    Chili Nguyen9 days ago

    “I got tig ol bitties from a bunch of different cities”. I felt that


    FAITH IN GOD9 days ago

    LOL love IT

  51. Roland Grange

    Roland Grange10 days ago

    When comedians with a brain can write better songs than the manipulated numpties.

  52. Cybo 66

    Cybo 6611 days ago

    "Da Struggle in the house" *Walks outdoors in the street*

  53. Hitler Senpai

    Hitler Senpai5 days ago


  54. Ball

    Ball11 days ago

    Its crazy how Key and Peele could make legit good beats and songs. I'm sad we never got to get a Key and Peele music album

  55. ZapDash

    ZapDash6 days ago

    Closest thing is the two Epic Rap Battles of History they did.

  56. Phil Proulx

    Phil Proulx11 days ago

    Key and Peele are geniuses.

  57. Lebaneser Scrooge

    Lebaneser Scrooge11 days ago

    This is the perfect example of hiphop vs rap

  58. Nugglife 303

    Nugglife 30311 days ago

    This is how I feel when I listen to Kanye.

  59. RanDumb Videos

    RanDumb Videos11 days ago

    XXL freshmen cyphers be like

  60. uphill248 uphill248

    uphill248 uphill24811 days ago

    This should be a crime. Why did you end it sooo soon.

  61. Humanoid Typhoone

    Humanoid Typhoone12 days ago

    True...... that Real REALLLLLL

  62. Mike Brannon

    Mike Brannon12 days ago

    0:48 I'm uh, gonna keep watching this part. Over and over. For research.

  63. Mikey Estrada

    Mikey Estrada12 days ago

    Common VS t pain

  64. wilbert pindano

    wilbert pindano13 days ago

    I'm watching this again for the 30th time, still cracks me up like it's new...

  65. Man Emperor of Mankind

    Man Emperor of Mankind13 days ago

    I don’t even like rap but I like da struggle

  66. MikeLee1083

    MikeLee108313 days ago

    I'd like to hear a full song the way Key was flowing.

  67. Duncan Cannon

    Duncan Cannon13 days ago

    It's like if common or mos def collaborated with someone like bitchnine or any mumble rapper who don't talk about anything

  68. Drew Scharfenberg

    Drew Scharfenberg13 days ago

    "NF feat. Yung Gravy" 🤣🤣

  69. GcDevz

    GcDevz13 days ago

    comparing old rap to modern rap be like-

  70. CyberdelicXP

    CyberdelicXP13 days ago

    I would legit buy an album where these 2 rap together.

  71. Pourya

    Pourya13 days ago

    Bling benzy = lil pump - 69 - cardibi - drake and other shit's WTF these fools were ruined the meaning of the hip hop; where is the struggle for equality? hip hop was the represent of the tough people. we just hearing about money and spending time with b****s

  72. tj barnes

    tj barnes14 days ago

    Kendrick Lamar ft thugnificent


    BAHIRI’S ARCHIVE14 days ago

    I never seen this skit 😂


    R4DICULOUS14 days ago

    lol if i just heard the song, no video, i woulda been like "what? Common and Tekashi did a collab?"


    HIGHDROPONIC14 days ago

    Yeah I'm white widow and noob noob I saw that call out son


    HIGHDROPONIC14 days ago

    Why does he sound like d-loc and Johnny richtor lmfao that was a great impression

  77. Bien Fernandez

    Bien Fernandez14 days ago

    Common feat. Ludacris

  78. Yo Goombah

    Yo Goombah15 days ago

    00:07 What? Why no Thomas Sowell???

  79. Mikael The Bard

    Mikael The Bard15 days ago

    This is essentially just the story of rap devolving into a meaningless jokes

  80. macnolds

    macnolds15 days ago

    Id and ego.

  81. Bobby Cutts

    Bobby Cutts15 days ago

    You're officially old when you'd compromise for rap to go back to Bling Benzy

  82. Nick Cox

    Nick Cox15 days ago

    The story of Lil Pump and J cole in sketch form.

  83. Mitchell Grosvenor

    Mitchell Grosvenor15 days ago

    Pretty much Common and any mumble rapper

  84. Felix Steinhausen

    Felix Steinhausen15 days ago

    I need the da struggle part in form of a 5 minute long story joint

  85. Juan Carlos

    Juan Carlos15 days ago

    0:49 Yeeeesssss! 😍😍😍

  86. Kyle Areson

    Kyle Areson16 days ago

    Outkast has great production value.

  87. j.c man

    j.c man16 days ago

    Bling Benzy reminds me of the character Peele played in the how to catch a predator sketch for some reason.

  88. Bobby

    Bobby16 days ago

    Not accurate, Bling Benzy's verse is too lyrical

  89. Trap Related

    Trap Related17 days ago

    Idk but I think this is the best one

  90. McKillaboy

    McKillaboy17 days ago

    Common feat Lil Wayne

  91. justin brown

    justin brown17 days ago

    Ludacris ft common

  92. Robert Capriles

    Robert Capriles17 days ago

    Is this the Public Enemy formula?

  93. joevonloser00

    joevonloser0018 days ago

    Rap vs. Hip Hop

  94. SleepyAssassin

    SleepyAssassin18 days ago

    I wonder on a scale of 1 - 10 how cool that actress was with him calling her tits Jell-O then giggling them.

  95. Zack Newell

    Zack Newell17 days ago

    She was one of their cast mates on MadTV.

  96. 전현태

    전현태18 days ago

    ㅈㄴ웃기네 십ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  97. Austin

    Austin18 days ago

    J Cole and Playboi Carti

  98. MrAntiKnowledge

    MrAntiKnowledge18 days ago

    The hair game on point.

  99. Kentaki Cheeken

    Kentaki Cheeken18 days ago

    0:46 Actress’ name please.

  100. Miguel Schoedel

    Miguel Schoedel18 days ago

    I used to love H.E.R.

  101. Jack Black

    Jack Black18 days ago

    Yeah, kind of the history of any art form. Fuck dude. Fuck.

  102. The Beige Sheep

    The Beige Sheep19 days ago

    Common vs migos

  103. Leaf Trimmer

    Leaf Trimmer19 days ago

    LOL 😆