Quarterback Concussion - Key & Peele

After taking a huge, concussion-inflicting hit, the Rhinos quarterback has trouble inspiring his team in the huddle.
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  1. Minji Woo

    Minji WooDay ago

    all three 3 minutes and 46 seconds i was just trying to figure out if it was real or fake rain

  2. Robby Catalina

    Robby Catalina3 days ago

    When your Qb is number 80... you’re already outa luck!!! Come on k n p!!!

  3. jon landry

    jon landry3 days ago

    Aww man I knew this was gonna be funny! It did not disappoint!

  4. thedailyvlog

    thedailyvlog4 days ago

    wait is joe biden speaking???

  5. Hassan Makasala

    Hassan Makasala4 days ago

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  6. Nehemiah Stewart

    Nehemiah Stewart4 days ago

    When he said yall want some apple pie πŸ˜‚

  7. Chiquitico

    Chiquitico4 days ago

    I never knew Number 80 can be a quarterback

  8. Action Jackie

    Action Jackie4 days ago

    I hate this shit... american football... refers to us...soccer but is the God damn the same thing...

  9. Lutaaya Huzaifah Idris

    Lutaaya Huzaifah Idris4 days ago

    *"Oooh my God, somebody stole our horns "* , that sarcastic laugh while he's running πŸ˜‚

  10. Milo McCarthy Music

    Milo McCarthy Music5 days ago

    Wtf I had no idea American football players wear that much padding and shit... are American football players a bunch of pussies or is it some kind of regulation or something? Because literally nobody wears equipment like that in rugby except a few wear tiny shoulder pads you can’t even see

  11. Jeffery Small

    Jeffery Small5 days ago

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  12. Rakesh Verma

    Rakesh Verma5 days ago

    The way he was petting his head checking for horns🀣

  13. L C

    L C6 days ago

    Delay of game is all I kept thinking

  14. Hellboy Uchiha

    Hellboy Uchiha6 days ago

    Bruh. The play clock ran out 2 minutes ago. 3 flags & 30 yards later

  15. Black Boi

    Black Boi6 days ago

    You can't name a better comedy duo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’―

  16. Chavo

    Chavo6 days ago

    Where the horns at

  17. Sasuke Uchiha

    Sasuke Uchiha6 days ago

    I love the stupid look on their faces every time they find out that they got so hyped up by a man with amnesia! Lol πŸ˜‚

  18. Leo Lion

    Leo Lion6 days ago

    When Lol is a real thing.

  19. Stephan Robert

    Stephan Robert7 days ago

    Hingle McCringleberry everyone. The star player

  20. Michael Smith

    Michael Smith7 days ago

    That’s the longest delay of game in history of football lol

  21. DandySpeedyAndy

    DandySpeedyAndy7 days ago

    Longest huddle EVER lol

  22. Drudown Hubsan Flyer

    Drudown Hubsan Flyer7 days ago

    Way to hold on to that ball son! Thats how you hold on to the ball!


    OFFICIALGPRIME7 days ago

    02:28 I had to stop and just point out just how good this scene is executed by these guys!!! I’m dying here laughing!!

  24. Di Ha

    Di Ha7 days ago

    Directed by Michael Bay

  25. TB 3

    TB 38 days ago

    Who else annoyed by Keegan’s jersey number . Lol like big sean idfwy video #footballplayer

  26. Chris Perrish

    Chris Perrish8 days ago


  27. Veronica Achebe

    Veronica Achebe8 days ago

    This is funny but very serious.

  28. Malevolent Titan

    Malevolent Titan8 days ago

    Shoulda been kept within the huddle time frame.

  29. Lorenzo H

    Lorenzo H8 days ago

    Delay of game!

  30. imani062882

    imani0628828 days ago

    Uh, delay of game

  31. Durox Kilo

    Durox Kilo8 days ago

    most of us have the sound ON no need to provide CC in the comments' section *consequences!

  32. Joseph McGowan

    Joseph McGowan8 days ago

    Lmao "is that Cartoons Plural talking to me"

  33. Diego aka Mexican batman

    Diego aka Mexican batman8 days ago

    Whats next 2 pelvic thrusts ?

  34. Invincible

    Invincible8 days ago

    No delay of game? 🧐 lol. JK. I’m not gonna be that guy. πŸ˜‚

  35. Josh Selvage

    Josh Selvage8 days ago

    No ones gonna mention that they definitely ran down the clock and flag was dropped

  36. Free Music

    Free Music9 days ago

    Where's the funny?

  37. Osman Rodriguez

    Osman Rodriguez9 days ago

    I have a word

  38. Con Man

    Con Man9 days ago

    Reminds me of their Top Chef skit

  39. Lightning Gamer

    Lightning Gamer9 days ago

    He hit his head so hard I thought he entered the avatar state man that flash and sound effect was pretty familiar 🀣

  40. Gregor Meisen

    Gregor Meisen9 days ago

    Rhinos never should have traded McCringleberry, he would have picked up that rusher like nobody's business.

  41. sploogemasters

    sploogemasters9 days ago

    So much effort deserves respect

  42. TheMc1436

    TheMc14369 days ago

    *delay of game

  43. Bitcoin Believers Against Dimon & For Vegans

    Bitcoin Believers Against Dimon & For Vegans9 days ago

    I don't apologize for anything I'll ever say about this sport. But, I feel obliged to point out that the guys in the nfl are at the very top of the sport. They're much more impressive people than the overwhelming majority of young men playing this game. You can learn valuable lessons from any team sport. Including and especially doubles tennis. If you want to learn those lessons, football is in my opinion the absolute last sport you'd choose to do so.

  44. Chris Sistrunk

    Chris Sistrunk9 days ago


  45. Mark Howard

    Mark Howard9 days ago

    This game finally makes sense now

  46. Ewere Igumbor

    Ewere Igumbor9 days ago

    maybe the funniest key and peele skit ever

  47. Prince LJ

    Prince LJ9 days ago

    The cinematography!

  48. Zolokiniir

    Zolokiniir9 days ago

    tsfh's Orion in the background 😍😍

  49. execute187

    execute1879 days ago

    I love Keegan's portrayal of Joe Biden❀️

  50. Tyretes

    Tyretes9 days ago

    mmmmmmm... two steps from hell music.

  51. 1FokkerAce

    1FokkerAce9 days ago

    Every time the inspirational music starts back up, lol!

  52. Soggy Gamer

    Soggy Gamer9 days ago

    You could use a massage after all that hard work.


    OG NGAFTP9 days ago

    It's really not funny though

  54. Caleb Holmes

    Caleb Holmes9 days ago

    How does rain feel on a bald head?

  55. Bored Five

    Bored Five9 days ago

    This was actually sad, except the ending. That was kind of funny.

  56. MATAMAX 73

    MATAMAX 739 days ago

    I swear, movie quality

  57. Julius Williams

    Julius Williams9 days ago

    So nobody going to say anything about wear the #80 as QB πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  58. Anthony Bryant

    Anthony Bryant10 days ago

    OG's know this is is a re-upload

  59. EveryDayTrucker

    EveryDayTrucker10 days ago


  60. Sam Prakasam

    Sam Prakasam10 days ago

    The production quality of these videos !!

  61. Beezer Twelve Washingbeard

    Beezer Twelve Washingbeard10 days ago

    Putting off some "The Last Boy Scout" vibes.

  62. Stefania

    Stefania10 days ago

    I love how I’m already smiling and they haven’t even started talking yet πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  63. Bitcoin Believers Against Dimon & For Vegans

    Bitcoin Believers Against Dimon & For Vegans10 days ago

    1:12 He admits he has no idea what he's doing, but decides to start screaming about "who we are" and how he's the team of destiny anyway...

  64. Bitcoin Believers Against Dimon & For Vegans

    Bitcoin Believers Against Dimon & For Vegans10 days ago

    i'M watching this every day going forward. forever. this explains life in america. thank you

  65. Bitcoin Believers Against Dimon & For Vegans

    Bitcoin Believers Against Dimon & For Vegans10 days ago


  66. Theo P

    Theo P10 days ago

    Longest huddle in football history 🀣🀣🀣

  67. Braap Boy

    Braap Boy10 days ago

    And I said biiiiiiiiiiiiiitch

  68. Lloyd Easton

    Lloyd Easton10 days ago

    People are dying from this, let's make a joke about it!

  69. Dee Nora

    Dee Nora10 days ago

    Wow that cinematography! The brain is having difficulty accepting that it's comedy πŸ˜‚

  70. Farg Marg

    Farg Marg10 days ago

    Back when these skits were all classics

  71. Juan Naranjo

    Juan Naranjo10 days ago


  72. Bitcoin Believers Against Dimon & For Vegans

    Bitcoin Believers Against Dimon & For Vegans10 days ago

    2:54 Sums up the United Banks of America quite well. "We're the team of destiny, we're who everyone's afraid of... mannnnn (smokes weed)"!

  73. Bitcoin Believers Against Dimon & For Vegans

    Bitcoin Believers Against Dimon & For Vegans10 days ago

    1:47 The way the helmet gets knocked over !!!!!!! Lol too much man too much

  74. Shunda Shunda Lah

    Shunda Shunda Lah10 days ago

    β€œAin’t no apple pie, man. Dass yo helmet!”

  75. Bitcoin Believers Against Dimon & For Vegans

    Bitcoin Believers Against Dimon & For Vegans10 days ago

    WHat I love most is their team name of the Rhinos ... Republicans in Name Only!!! No one loves concussions and people getting hurt more than elected Republicans!

  76. Bitcoin Believers Against Dimon & For Vegans

    Bitcoin Believers Against Dimon & For Vegans10 days ago

    Seriously though american football is THE republican sport. SO it's the sport of JPM. Telling

  77. Actual Tech

    Actual Tech10 days ago


  78. Steve Demir

    Steve Demir10 days ago

    Totally unrealistic. Why is the QB wearing #81? Also the graphics sucked. Whoever made this video must be working at EA. Why was the rain so wet?

  79. ENM

    ENM10 days ago

    So depressing

  80. kirk brown

    kirk brown10 days ago


  81. Eli Densmore

    Eli Densmore10 days ago

    As a person who just got a concussion from sports I can completely relate

  82. Ukelabuchi Ekpete

    Ukelabuchi Ekpete10 days ago

    hahahahahhahahahaha Key and Peele!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Mr. Pagliarello

    Mr. Pagliarello10 days ago


  84. Planning my death Sleepy days

    Planning my death Sleepy days10 days ago

    Troy aikmen lol πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

  85. Ced Mc

    Ced Mc10 days ago

    Lol lol lol lol lol lol

  86. Salim Fvhehhe

    Salim Fvhehhe10 days ago

    Plz what's the name of the soundtrack (music)?

  87. dsingletary06

    dsingletary0610 days ago

    Delay of game

  88. Ψ­Ψ³Ψ§Ω… Ψ³ΨͺΨ§Ψ±Ωƒ

    Ψ­Ψ³Ψ§Ω… Ψ³ΨͺΨ§Ψ±Ωƒ10 days ago

    Smartest football player

  89. Six

    Six10 days ago

    Omaha 🀘

  90. Mohomed Ashraf

    Mohomed Ashraf10 days ago

    Exquisintine and his cartoon squirrel!!

  91. crazed arts

    crazed arts10 days ago

    Keep making people smile guys πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

  92. Keshon Broadbelt

    Keshon Broadbelt10 days ago

    This is like... Objectively funny... But at the same time it was too sad to laugh at. :(

  93. ZeroGrav86

    ZeroGrav8610 days ago

    jordan peele sound like xzibit.

  94. vik -17

    vik -1710 days ago

    American play "foot"ball with their hands 🀣🀣🀣

  95. Azretah

    Azretah10 days ago

    Watching this in the middle of math class.

  96. Honey Badger

    Honey Badger11 days ago

    Ive never wanted apple pie so badly all of a sudden.... Not to mention, how in the sweet flying fuck is there not a delay of game penalty? 😌

  97. Graye

    Graye11 days ago

    I thought it was Dwayne Johnson in that thumbnail for a moment

  98. OmgItsZ-man

    OmgItsZ-man11 days ago

    I lost it when he started freaking out and telling everyone they needed to find the horns XD

  99. pumukliboti

    pumukliboti11 days ago


  100. Ariel Jones

    Ariel Jones11 days ago

    For a minute I thought his concussion was so bad that he shrunk in height.

  101. l m a o

    l m a o11 days ago

    You can get your 'Here before a million' ticket here