Key & Peele Go to Hollywood

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele didn’t just parody movies and TV, they perfectly satirized the way movies and TV are made.
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About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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  1. Dr Cory

    Dr CoryDay ago

    Good video

  2. 420Effect

    420Effect4 days ago

    I'm gonna watch the Gremlins 2 now just to L.M.A.O. lol

  3. Roland Grange

    Roland Grange6 days ago

    Like Nigel here... Lol.

  4. Jermaine Aarding

    Jermaine Aarding6 days ago

    I had to watch Gremlins 2 during this :)

  5. Caleb Holmes

    Caleb Holmes9 days ago

    *DID I DO THAT!?!*

  6. Caleb Holmes

    Caleb Holmes9 days ago

    *It's in the movie, I love it!*

  7. John E

    John E11 days ago

    😂 the costume choices for this show are amazing. Love Jordans insane earings lol

  8. Sacia Gal

    Sacia Gal17 days ago

    Key on "pineapple" 🤣

  9. Daniel May

    Daniel May18 days ago

    Colon Hanks

  10. cooliojaksn

    cooliojaksn18 days ago

    When They're About to Drop A deuce!

  11. Jason-doc- Holiday

    Jason-doc- Holiday20 days ago

    Hollywood at its best and most honest

  12. wildmercuryfilms

    wildmercuryfilms20 days ago

    3:23 He sounds EXACTLY like Chet Hanx there. I wonder if they’re cousins

  13. Brooklyn Harvey

    Brooklyn Harvey20 days ago

    BBC commitment bit sus

  14. Tiberianexcalibur

    Tiberianexcalibur20 days ago

    They should have made a movie, sequels after sequels after sequels.

  15. Saint Burnard

    Saint Burnard21 day ago

    Brilliant work

  16. Lan C

    Lan C21 day ago

    This i

  17. prashams

    prashams23 days ago

    The Jaden Smith thing is an absolute masterpiece.

  18. FBI

    FBI23 days ago

    these nuts go to hollywood against your chin

  19. k.h

    k.h24 days ago

    12:21 "come one jim, i'm an actor not... {insert your profession here}

  20. Toon Link

    Toon Link24 days ago

    That laugh after the shoe shine LMAO

  21. D C

    D C19 days ago

    That whole film is amazing!

  22. Leni Tjahjadi

    Leni Tjahjadi25 days ago

    actually whats the first one trying to make fun of?

  23. wildmercuryfilms

    wildmercuryfilms20 days ago

    3:23 He sounds EXACTLY like Chet Hanx there. I wonder if they’re cousins. I don’t know: Perhaps they’re poking fun at Chet Hanx

  24. Quideer Wimes

    Quideer Wimes25 days ago

    That’s exactly how they made grimlins yooooo it has to be 😭😭😭😭

  25. Quideer Wimes

    Quideer Wimes25 days ago

    Bruh Jordan playing the gay artist is spot on like yoooooooooo

  26. Quideer Wimes

    Quideer Wimes25 days ago

    “Dad bless you” I’m crying lol

  27. Quideer Wimes

    Quideer Wimes25 days ago

    “Sorry, house?” I’m crying lol this is exactly how this kid must be lol

  28. OTS

    OTS25 days ago

    Steve fucking nailed that

  29. TheWereparadox

    TheWereparadox25 days ago

    Now you know what it feels like to be an average white male! Ha! 2:34

  30. wildmercuryfilms

    wildmercuryfilms20 days ago

    3:23 He sounds EXACTLY like Chet Hanx there. I wonder if they’re cousins

  31. James Reed

    James Reed26 days ago

    "Dad Bless You" Had Me On The Floor.....LOL!!!

  32. ryan wolf

    ryan wolf26 days ago

    i was in die hard damnit...lnao

  33. youngsim 100

    youngsim 10026 days ago

    Is that everybody hates chris

  34. Damon Burton

    Damon Burton26 days ago

    Good acting lol

  35. Mirackson Charilus

    Mirackson Charilus26 days ago

    7:25 , ur welcome

  36. Kaushal Kulkarni

    Kaushal Kulkarni26 days ago

    Coming here right after fargo. Its half the crew here

  37. AkMarv

    AkMarv27 days ago

    He kinda looks like Jackie Chan with his wig in the 1800s skit.

  38. Paul Donnelly

    Paul Donnelly27 days ago

    Best American sketch show ever

  39. Loving Red P

    Loving Red P27 days ago

    Terry Crews 😂

  40. Sheri JK

    Sheri JK27 days ago

    too much beeping, not enough swearing

  41. Anzz Kapzz

    Anzz Kapzz27 days ago

    50 dislikes Makes me sad

  42. Beni Rios

    Beni Rios27 days ago

    At 8:00 this is every teacher

  43. Primis

    Primis27 days ago

    Jordan is so good at acting that he acted like he was good at acting and had people act like he was bad at it

  44. Arsenic

    Arsenic27 days ago

    What’s a mum had me dying

  45. Low Level Content

    Low Level Content27 days ago

    The second skit literally foreshadowed Snowfall.. lmao

  46. blankroyai

    blankroyai27 days ago

    This is the new SNL ❤️

  47. Kabir Abdullah

    Kabir Abdullah28 days ago

    Should have never stopped.

  48. Christopher Allard

    Christopher Allard28 days ago

    someone with editing skills please make a key and peele out of context video

  49. G.I. Geno

    G.I. Geno28 days ago

    Was that Tom Hanks son?

  50. Ex Tendo

    Ex Tendo28 days ago


  51. Wayfaring Explorer

    Wayfaring Explorer28 days ago

    The one son Tom Hanks has that everyone knows about, they don’t know about the other one. Chet Hanks

  52. Frog Man

    Frog Man28 days ago

    Frog man is watching

  53. Fedi Mayn Toolaid

    Fedi Mayn Toolaid28 days ago

    Who's down for Gremlins!!

  54. 周MAN

    周MAN28 days ago


  55. Cornpop

    Cornpop29 days ago

    "Call my agent"

  56. HeoBaby

    HeoBaby29 days ago

    wow even 5 years later and thiis show still hasn't gotten old

  57. Jondo Media

    Jondo Media29 days ago

    "We're writing Gremlins 2 it should be a party, with pizza, and anchovies, pineapple." This line went way over everyone's head. The look he gives him here is hilarious!

  58. SGRKing

    SGRKing29 days ago

    “Everybody does too much Coke sometimes...”

  59. TheGrifter42

    TheGrifter4229 days ago

    I wonder if Key and Peele actually see any money from these videos, or if it’s a Chapelle Show situation and they are either too non confrontational or not powerful enough to do what Chapelle did and confront the company that owns their work in order to take control of it.

  60. Cortez Rivera

    Cortez Rivera29 days ago

    239th comment EYYY LETS GO!!! Count up chain let’s go !!!

  61. semih arslan

    semih arslan29 days ago

    Whats a mom??? 🤣 3:10

  62. Akasha Ak47

    Akasha Ak4729 days ago

    I love them 😂

  63. Neoyoshi

    Neoyoshi29 days ago

    This, is G2 people

  64. Xela

    Xela29 days ago

    Outside is that stuff that goes by when you're inside the limo😂

  65. Lei Zhang

    Lei Zhang29 days ago

    So,is the director Colin Hanks?

  66. Keziah Aikpo

    Keziah Aikpo29 days ago

    The first skit feels like what would happen if Will Smith and Ice cube were on the same set of an action movie

  67. Carmen Watson

    Carmen Watson29 days ago

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  68. everyvore

    everyvore29 days ago

    How many characters can these guys fit in🙄

  69. Johnall Johnson II

    Johnall Johnson II29 days ago

    lmao is that director collin hanks?? lmao

  70. raj

    raj29 days ago

    Recently we got this in India on Comedy Central and mann it's full of Beep sounds 😂 I eventually switch to USloft...had no choice

  71. Karianne Hylkema

    Karianne Hylkema29 days ago

    I expected the Valets to be included in this.

  72. Brandon Koh

    Brandon Koh29 days ago

    Hooga Booga shoe. HOOGA BOOGA SHOE!

  73. Ainsley veeran

    Ainsley veeran29 days ago

    Ooga booga shoo....😂😂😂

  74. Frank Pearce

    Frank Pearce29 days ago

    Key and peele gremlins of futures past Holly wood producers!

  75. Dee Davis

    Dee Davis29 days ago

    I can't 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂 These dudes are hilarious!!!!

  76. Yaboijonny Daplug

    Yaboijonny Daplug29 days ago

    Damn there acting is good af sheesh

  77. Tron Life on the Grid

    Tron Life on the Grid29 days ago

    Key British Accent got me for a moment lol

  78. Just Ah Trucker

    Just Ah Trucker29 days ago

    His british accent is amazing

  79. justwor ship05

    justwor ship0529 days ago



    TAHOKMUSIC29 days ago

    Steve Echo talking like Bruce Lee

  81. Mike Hiler

    Mike Hiler29 days ago


  82. Ribbit Riddims

    Ribbit Riddims29 days ago

    The laugh 18:25 😂

  83. Yaw Obengoro

    Yaw Obengoro29 days ago

    Just say your lines and take the money ,Carl . Of ofcos Steve😥

  84. Rory Aherne

    Rory Aherne29 days ago

    I especially love the beeps. Really makes the skit. \*chef's kiss\*

  85. Yousef I

    Yousef IMonth ago

    That dude is British

  86. Daniel

    DanielMonth ago

    That censorship is so *bleeeep* annoying

  87. Maico Serrano Del Rosario

    Maico Serrano Del RosarioMonth ago

    Im gonna report this. Key and peele is not even in this video. What a shame.

  88. Παναγιώτης Μήτσου

    Παναγιώτης ΜήτσουMonth ago

    I can't believe we still censor f-words in 2021.

  89. Mr R

    Mr RMonth ago

    The best series ever

  90. Hyper

    HyperMonth ago


  91. OLaF

    OLaFMonth ago

    Back when you sneeze its normal

  92. TheReaverOfDarkness

    TheReaverOfDarknessMonth ago

    In that last clip, those old films were racist even by the standards of their time. I'm with that guy in the back: "Oh HELL no!"

  93. Cranium YT

    Cranium YT29 days ago


  94. Shawn Kow

    Shawn KowMonth ago

    The office and K&P is the only shows i can rewatch over and over

  95. Tim Sears

    Tim SearsMonth ago


  96. Knd King

    Knd KingMonth ago

    So this is how a flying time travel train got into bttf3

  97. Toby Bartels

    Toby BartelsMonth ago

    The channel description said they talked about _Gremlins 2,_ and by golly, they did!

  98. Toby Bartels

    Toby BartelsMonth ago

    Next video, systemic racism!

  99. Mallia Watson

    Mallia WatsonMonth ago

    I will forever and always binge on Key and Peele accidentally on purpose.😁

  100. The Bodhi Abides

    The Bodhi Abides15 days ago

    It's happening to me right now!

  101. Xazimir 42

    Xazimir 4227 days ago

    100% same...awesome.

  102. Curtko 158

    Curtko 158Month ago

    Steve controls the world ( 12:12)

  103. S J Adams

    S J AdamsMonth ago

    That British accent in the first sketch is spot on.

  104. Bella and Hailey Suarez

    Bella and Hailey SuarezMonth ago

    My favorite one is the family matters one where they actually got Steve Urkel

  105. Dianalambard

    Dianalambard26 days ago

    That’s not the original actor that plays Steve Urkel. That’s Tyler James Williams who played Chris from Everybody hates Chris. Though it’s crazy how well Tyler pulls off the look

  106. BluePlum

    BluePlumMonth ago

    lol hilarious

  107. crystal harris

    crystal harrisMonth ago


  108. Leto Lethe

    Leto LetheMonth ago

    That director might be the whitest, most entitled person ever! "Most this stuff [gangs, guns, fearing for my life] happened to me." "Oh, that's great!"